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All the beers below are available in 36 and 18 pint party packs (prices start from only £26.87).

I Can't Believe It's Not Bitter

Cask conditioned lager.

Clean and crisp with a fruity aftertaste. The use of Saaz hops gives this lager a citrus finish that lingers on.

abv 4.9%

Blake's Gosport Bitter

Strong, dark and intensely malty, this bitter has everything you need for a cold winters evening yet surprisingly easy to drink for a hot summers day.

abv 5.2%

hole hearted champion beer Hole Hearted

Brewed with 100% Cascade hops. This powerful, floral and fruity beer will surprise with every mouthful.

Champion Beer of Hampshire 2002, 2003 & 2005

4.7% abv

Heart Of Oak

To mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar this exceptional ale that has been brewed in the finest Naval tradition. Initial strong, fruity hop flavours lead to a bittersweet aroma, balanced by a warm chocolaty finish

4.5% abv

nuptu ale Nuptu' Ale

Crisp pale ale with delicate hop flavours and light maltiness. Refreshing and easy drinking.
4.2% abv

Maypole Mild

A dark, rich, mild. Sweet with a light malt bitterness and subtle hop undertones.

Mild Gold Award, SIBA National Beer Competition 2004

3.8% abv

Oakleaf Bitter

A clean, refreshing, light hoppy session ale with an aromatic, distinctive flavour and a pleasant aftertaste.

3.8% abv.

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