Best Beer Loving Cities in Britain

If you live in Britain or have visited many parts of Britain you will know just how spoiled Brits are for beer choices. Not just the tradition on-tap ales either. Britain has taken to craft beers like a duck takes to water, with micro-breweries popping up in almost every major city and town. Beer has always been a big deal in Britain but mainly with the men but now the ladies can enjoy beer just as much as their men folk.


Sheffield - A report out of Sheffield University claims that Sheffield is the new beer drinking capital of the world but it is very likely that many other cities would put up a fierce argument against that claim. That being said, Sheffield certainly has its share of great pubs and even greater breweries so both locals and visitors are assured of being able to partake of a fine ale (or three). Visitors are advised not to argue with the local's claim of being the best city in the world for beer unless prepared to get into a lengthy but friendly debate!


Norwich - Dubbed the City of Ale there is no doubt in anyone's mind about the favorite drink of this fine city. Plenty of pubs and bars sell local craft beers as well as the traditional staple ales, but if you really want to see Norwich at its best you should be there during their ten day celebration of the mighty ale, when beer lovers join together to have a lot of fun, enjoy great food and music, and pay homage to beer of all styles and flavors.


London - You know how in America there seems to be a Starbucks and McDonald's on every corner? London might seem like that too, only instead of a Starbucks or McDonald's it's a pub. Londoners have so many choices of pubs to enjoy a tasty ale in that it would take a year to get round all of them. Visitors to London should plan their trip for August when they can enjoy the Great British Beer Festival 2017, with great food, fantastic music and of course beer by the gallon!


Leeds - Once the proud home of the huge Tetley's brewery until 2012 when it closed and was demolished, Leeds is not short on great beers for the beer lover to enjoy. The 5th annual Leeds International Beer Festival will be held in September, and beer lovers will have the opportunity to sample beers both from the local area and from other countries. If you can't be in Leeds in September check out some of the local pubs because you are likely to find some international beers as well as local ones served there too.


Manchester - As with many of the great cities of Britain Manchester too has its celebration of the mighty ale in the form of The Independent Manchester Beer Convention, or as its many fans often call it Indy Man Beer Con. Manchester has a great selection of pubs and bars to sample some local flavor but without a doubt you must try a glass of Manchester Bitter at Marble Brewery's Marble Arch Victorian pub. You won't regret it. 


Derby - You can start your beer adventure in Derby almost immediately you step off the train. Within a short walking distance you will be able to partake of some fine ales, and then continue working your way towards the Alexandra Hotel to view the plaque stating that the first meeting of the Derby branch of CAMRA was held there in the mid 70's. If you want to experience an all-in-one bar and brewery check out the Falstaff, a friendly neighborhood pub that has its brewery right out back.


Bristol - Beer lovers should take themselves down to the King Street area where they will find some of the best craft beers of the area served. Once satisfied by the selection there you should venture a little further afield and sample even more. If you happen to be in the area in August be sure to check out the Bristol Beer Festival where you can have a great time discovering new beers from not just the Bristol area but further afield as well.


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