india pale ale

India Pale Ale

This beer is initially dry and bitter. Full flavoured and complex marmalade / aniseed notes follow which then leave a lingering bitterness on the palate. A classic in its style.

Only brewed when demand is sufficient

5.5% abv

Eichenblatt Bitte

A naturall cloudy wheat beer with a subtle yet distinctive smoked taste. Deliciously smooth Bavarian style beer with pleasant citrus flavours.

Only available in bottles.

5.4% abv

Squirrel's Delight

A full bodied and malty tawny ale with citrus notes. A classic premium strength bitter.

No longer availiable

4.4% abv


Brewed with chilli and lemongrass, this spicy light ale leaves a plesant warm aftertaste to wake up the palate!

No longer availiable

3.7% abv

Haslar Celebration Ale

The Royal Hospital Haslar has a long and distinguished history in providing medical care to the Royal Navy for 250 years and more recently to all three services and civilians.

The issuing of beer to patients at Haslar dates back to 1788 when patients were allowed one quart of 'small beer' as a daily issue.

The daily provision of beer to patients at Haslar continued well into the 20th Century.

Brewed only for 2003.

abv 4.2%


Gosport 800

In 1204 the Bishop of Winchester, Bishop Godfrey de Lucy, granted to Winchester Cathedral 'all profits' which may reasonably be derived from the Vill (town) newly built upon the Harbour in the Manor of Alwarestoke:, and in so doing made the first formal acknowledgement of Gosport's existance. Now you can enjoy the fine ale brewed in celebration of the Borough's 800th anniversary.

Gosport 800 is a golden, malty ale that has pronounced hop character with delicious toffee and caramel flavours leading to a buttery aftertaste.

Brewed only for 2004.

8.0%  abv



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