How to Add Beer to Your Wedding Celebration

Traditionally beer would not be on the wedding drinks list, or at least not for a formal wedding. Usually wine, champagne and some spirits would be served but very rarely beer. Beers of today are vastly different to what was consumed as little as 10 years ago thanks largely to the number of craft beers that are widely available now. Beer can easily be added to the wedding drinks list, and in fact should be in many cases as craft beers become increasingly popular with both men and women. The following ideas will help ensure your beer-loving guests are catered to as well as your wine and spirit drinking guests are.

Personalized Labels - What could be more fun than having personalized labels on the beer bottles served at your wedding? You could opt simply for the bride/groom combination where the bride beer is a light ale and the groom beer is a dark ale. You can get quite creative with the labels and design several labels with your own unique names for each.

Beer-Lovers Themed Wedding - If both the bride and groom are big fans of beer and want to incorporate beer into their theme getting beer on the drinks list will be very easy. What makes a beer themed wedding fun is the décor. You can use beer casks in creative ways, either whole as table bases or cut in half to make ice barrels to display the beer bottles in. There is virtually no end to the creative ideas and ways beer can be used as a theme for a wedding.

Beer Wedding

Brewery Wedding - For the really dedicated beer loving couple holding either the wedding ceremony or the reception (or even both) in a brewery is about as serious as any two people can be about their love of beer. Top marks for uniqueness too because it is very unlikely that any of your guests will have ever been to a wedding or reception held in a brewery before.

Beer Garden - For those having an outdoor wedding and/or reception setting up a beer garden will allow all the beer fans to easily find their favorite drink of choice, and mingle with like-minded people. Easy to set up with a few tables and plenty of chairs plus some beers on ice and you will have some extremely happy guests.

Decorate with Beer Bottles - What better way to celebrate both a wedding and your love of beer than by using empty beer bottles as vases for the tables. Beer bottles can be used in much the same way as wine glasses are used for decorative touches on tables. For diehard beer drinkers beer bottles could be used between the tiers of the wedding cake itself. For receptions held in the evening or night time you could use beer bottles as candle stick holders.

Beach Wedding - Display various styles of craft beer in an old boat or canoe or a rustic sea chest that looks like it washed ashore. For those opting for a Tiki-themed wedding set up separate bars for wine, spirits and of course beer. Serve ice cold beer in coconuts for a more interesting way to drink beer.


Brew Your Own Beer - When someone loves beer a lot it is not an unnatural progression to creating their own beer. While it can be a learning curve to get a good brew once you do it will be perfect to serve at your wedding. Design your own beer bottle label and send your guests home with the empties as a memento of your wedding day. If you really enjoy crafting your own beers you could brew two or three different ones to make sure there is a choice for your beer-loving guests. To get started you can buy a beer-making kit and there are plenty of instruction videos online or you could pick up a book at your local book store.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties - Instead of the usual run-of-the-mill party before the engaged couple take the plunge why not organize a beer-tasting tour of some local breweries. This is something that will appeal to both men and women. Hire transportation to avoid the need for anyone to stay sober to drive and go from brewery to brewery, checking out their own brewed beers.


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